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Building upon our tradition of excellence. 

The Quintessential Annual Event of York University's Finance Community.

Over the years, UFC has grown tremendously in both size and scope, and this year, the conference will unite the top finance students in the heart of Canada’s financial center over a two-day event. The first evening features a new stock pitch competition, judged by experienced industry professionals, and will be accompanied by a networking session. Following is a full-day event consisting of company-exclusive workshops, keynote speakers, office tours, and our signature evening cocktail. As YFC continues to build upon our tradition of excellence, the Undergraduate Finance Conference is a true mechanism for continuing to further our value proposition to both our members and sponsors. 

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Event Highlights

Sponsored Meals & Cocktails

Representatives and delegates will have various opportunities to connect in an intimate setting throughout the day.


Delegates have the opportunity to speak and build networks with both buy and sell-side professionals.


Delegates will attend specialized workshops hosted by our sponsors, aimed at increasing their knowledge of the financial markets

Stock Pitch

Attendees will have the opportunity to present pitches and network with Canaccord Genuity representatives 





Screening Process

The Undergraduate Finance Conference seeks to unite the brightest minds in finance across Canada in an interactive setting where they can develop the skills necessary to be successful in today's increasingly complex and dynamic market. Last year's Undergraduate Finance Conference welcomed applications from 11 universities across the country.  

An unprecedented number of applications were received for last year's conference, each of which was meticulously screened. Our application process includes scoring answers to related application questions alongside rigorous resume screening. This process ensures the highest quality of delegates and provides sponsors with access to a highly competitive pool of students. 

Participating Schools


Who can apply to UFC? Am I less likely to be accepted to UFC if I don’t go to York University? 

Undergraduate students from schools across Canada are welcomed! All applicants will be assessed based on the quality of their application. 

How do I stand out on my application? Do I need finance experience to apply? 

Finance experience is encouraged but not required. We are looking for applicants who are genuinely interested in attending the conference, passionate about the industry, and can effectively communicate the value they bring as a delegate. Professionalism and quality of your resume is a critical part of your application as they are collected for our sponsors’ reference. 

What will I gain from attending UFC? 

By attending UFC, you can expect to elevate your market/company knowledge through sponsored workshops and build connections with students across Canada and representatives from various industries. Check out what past attendees have to say about their experiences at UFC below! 

Which firms will be sponsoring UFC?  What is the structure of the conference? Where can I learn more about the conference? 

In the past, we have representation from various industries within Finance. Check out our 2019 sponsors below! Attending delegates can expect a copy of attending sponsors, a detailed itinerary, and a delegate handbook prior to the conference. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the 2021 Undergraduate Finance Conference details. 

Who can I contact if I have any questions? 

Feel free to reach out to our executive team for any questions or concerns. 


The Undergraduate Finance Conference was a well-rounded and well-organized event that provided strong opportunities to develop both technical and interpersonal skills. The stock pitch was a great platform to refine my understanding of corporate finance and capital markets while the evening cocktail allowed me to interact with different members of the community. It remains a positive experience in my university career – especially since the York Finance Team was so welcoming and accommodating to delegates.

Jennifer Wang | University of Toronto 21'

The Undergraduate Finance Conference acted as a stepping stone for my career and furthered my knowledge of the finance field. Before the conference, I was unsure about which direction in the industry I was interested in pursuing. After networking, attending workshops, and taking part in office tours, I received the opportunity to explore the experiences of industry professionals throughout various fields. My experience at UFC inspired me to pursue a role in the finance field and helped introduce me to the pathways that are available!

Roni Levit | York University BBA 22'

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